Why Use Bolster On Your Next Remodel?

The bidding process on any remodel can be stressful and confusing.

Bolster makes it easy and transparent by removing the need to negotiate or haggle over price. 

We do this by placing your contractor's bids in front of a panel of third-party cost expert who, using our proprietary methodology, give their professional opinion to you via a simple yet powerful report. 

The Bolster FairPrice Certificate gives you a realistic guide price for what your particular project should cost and expert advice to make great decisions from. 

Upload a bid, get the certified opinion of local cost experts. 

You never overpay. Remodel with confidence. It's really that simple. Get Started >


There Is Nothing Average About Your Project

Your remodel is a unique project with it's own quirks. And unlike a car or laptop, it does not come with a standard price.

Sure, the internet will give you a price range for what strangers paid for "similar" projects. But how are you supposed to know if your project is comparatively low, average or high?

That's why Bolster uses living, breathing cost experts to give your bid the individual attention it deserves, resulting in an accurate assessment of it's fairness and a realistic guide price for your project. 

The result can mean big savings. Get Started >


Trying To Compare Apples And Pears?

We know the drill - You've received 2 or 3 bids for your project  and they vary WILDLY.

Bolster makes sense of this chaos by comparing each of your bid's scope of works, prices, schedule and key terms, such as payment schedules and retainage, and reports this back to you in one, easy to digest report. 

This report makes you an expert in minutes and helps you choose the best bid for your project. Get Started >

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Bolster Certified Contractors Promote Transparency

Contractors that agree to use Bolster demonstrate their professionalism and commitment to making the bidding process on remodels as transparent as possible for their customers. It's a much smarter way to remodel. Get Started >


Easy And Incredibly Fast

Using Bolster is simple, effortless and practically instantaneous. Get Started >


Upload Bid (s) >  

Upload your bid to our website and answer a few questions. 

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Review By Third Party >  

Bolster's experts will review your bid for content, quality and price.   

Get Results >  

Within one business day we will issue you a FairPrice Certificate.  

Choose The Best !

Use your certificate to select the best bid and remodel with confidence.