With the exclusive backing of one of America's largest surety bond companies, Bolstered Contractors are able to guarantee their performance on your remodel, on time and on budget. Other contractors cannot make this claim.



Bolstered Contractors have been professionally qualified by Bolster's remodeling experts and a leading insurance company so you know for sure they are responsible, reliable, and legally compliant.


No matter what happens, your project will be completed at no extra cost. Every Bolstered Contractor is backed by funds - up to the full value of your project - from a leading insurer to make certain of it. 

Remodeling with Bolster is easy and risk-free, from start to finish...

EASY REFERRALS - We do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to. Just tell us a bit about your project and we hand-pick the best Bolstered Contractors for you and deliver them right to your inbox.

FIXED-PRICE BIDS - Once you have a bid you’re happy with, we work with your Bolstered Contractor to lock everything in to our fixed-price contract, and handle all of the paperwork for you.

PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE - When you remodel with a Bolstered Contractor, you are also getting a financial guarantee from Bolster and our insurance partners that your project will be completed on time and on budget. If anything goes wrong, we will pay to complete your project - up to its full value - at no additional cost to you.

24 / 7 SUPPORT - Bolster’s customer care team is there for your project and remains available for 12 months following it's completion. From a faulty door handle to a leaky faucet, we are on call 24 / 7 to help you and your Bolstered Contractor remedy any issues with workmanship or materials.

Those Who Know, Use Bolster

After a mishap with a contractor, we chose Bolster because of the peace of mind it gives to everyone involved. Bolster was incredibly easy to use. Their team gave us a great contractor who completed our project just as we wanted it and without any hassle.

- Marinella Bogaziotis | Homeowner

The Bolster Difference

Unlike contractor referral sites, matching you with a contractor is just the beginning with Bolster. We remain supporting your project to the very end and offer you a financial guarantee that if anything goes wrong, Bolster and our insurance partners will step in a pay to fix your project - up to it's full value.

So, if you are doing a $100,000 project and something goes wrong, (e.g. contractor goes bankrupt, disappears, gets distracted by a bigger project - it happens) Bolster and our insurance partners will provide up to $100,000 and a replacement contractor to complete your project as it was promised to you in your contract.

No other company can make this claim.

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