Bolster is the fast, free and easy way for remodeling contractors to win more projects without lowering their price. 

Being underwritten for the remodeling industry's first ever 100% Performance and Payment bond, means great remodeling contractors can finally prove their ability to deliver results and truly differentiate themselves from the competition. 

Beat The Competition - Sick and tired of losing jobs to unlicensed contractors? Can't convince your customers that the other guy's bid is not for real but that yours is? Now you can, without having to lower your price or haggle till blue in the face.

Remove All Doubt - Get professionally qualified by a leading insurance company so your customers know for sure you are responsible, reliable, and legally compliant. Hiring you, is basically 100% risk-free! 

Lower The Anxiety on Site - Every Bolstered Contractor is backed by funds - up to the full value of every project - from a leading insurer to make certain a customer's project is completed as promised. Your customers are relaxed, and your life just got a lot easier. 

Start Winning More Projects Today

Applying with Bolster is fast, free and easy. No credit card is ever required. We respect your privacy and we never sell anyone's data to any third parties. And only weirdos spam people, and weirdos we are not. 

Simple Process - Shortly after you signup, one of our team will contact you to walk you through our application form. Our surety broker, NFP Property & Casualty, will then qualify you the same day for the Bolster Performance Bond. Finally, once approved, we'll set you up with everything you need to promote yourself as a Bolstered Contractor to your customers.

Why Signup? - Aside from becoming a bona fide olympian of the remodeling world, signing up also entitles you to pleasantly infrequent, yet highly engaging, content from remodeling experts. Did we mention we are the first ever Discovery Partner of The American Institute of Architects?

Great Contractors Get Bolster

We’re tired of contractors who make promises they can’t deliver on (we know you are too). Especially the shoddy, unlicensed, fly-by-night, trojan horse types - you know, the guys who underbid you to win jobs then dupe their customers into paying more later. Shameful. But rather than take our word for it, listen to what other great contractors have to say about being Bolstered.

Bolster backs my reputation, and if you can pass the vetting process, it’s a no brainer.
— Michael Daryani | S.M.Zako
With Bolster, my conversion rate has gone from around 25%, to over 55%, without changing a thing
— Aaron Borenstein | Home Evolutions Corp

Remodeling with Bolster is easy and risk-free, from start to finish...

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Simple, Fast Approval Process - Get started by filling out a simple application form in which you provide your basic business, personal and financial information. Our surety broker, NFP Property & Casualty, will qualify you the same day for the Bolster Remodeling Bond. Call us on (424) BOL-STER to talk to someone about your application.

Start Winning More Projects - Once approved, we will make it easy for you to begin promoting the fact that you have won the backing of one of America's largest surety companies and are guaranteed to perform as promised on your customer's projects (We call this, "being Bolstered").


We Handle All The Paperwork - On every project you want Bolstered, simply attach your terms and conditions for that project to our fixed-price contract and sign it with your customer. 

Activate The Bolster Guarantee - We then purchase a Bolster Remodeling Bond for you from Capitol Insurance Companies (our surety) and send confirmation to you and your customer. Then we support your project - And if for any reason you are struggling, we will help you get through it, including paying to complete a project - up to its full value - at no additional cost to your customer.

Homeowners Love A Bolstered Contractor

Homeowners are always nervous about hiring a contractor. And with so many horror stories out there it's hard to blame them. Finally, a way to separate the wheat from the chaff - Homeowners know for sure that a Bolstered Contractor, and their bids, are the real deal. View more testimonials.

After a mishap with a contractor, we chose to Bolster our project because of the peace of mind it gives to everyone involved. Bolster was incredibly easy to use and our contractor completed our project just as we wanted it and without any hassle
— Marinella Bogaziotis | Homeowner

Pricing & Payment

Bolster is FREE for contractors - Although it costs Bolster a very small percentage of your project value to guarantee your performance on every project, we ask that you simply pass this cost along to your customer by including it in your bid.

You or your customer can pay Bolster - There are two options for paying Bolster. 1) Your customer can pay us directly through our website, 2) Your customer can pay you directly and then you pay Bolster.

Winning More Projects Begins with Bolster

Try Bolster for free today and see how it helps you beat the competition, without lowering your price.